G L Cheung

Creative solutions in science media.

Welcome to my site! I'm a biomedical communicator with specializations in concept art, storyboard design, 2 and 3D illustration, and user-centric design. Here are some of my works. Please enjoy!



The cells and structure of female and male reproductive organs.

Appalachian flora

Landscape illustration of Appalachian ecosystems and their flora.

Life cycles

A selection of plant and animal life cycle illustrations.

Larval invertebrates

Some microscopic ocean fauna.


Adipose tissue physiology and histopathology.

Sarcoplasmic Space

Muscle cell environment and glycogen storage.


A tour of gas exchange from the lungs to tissue.

Pathways of Addiction

Neuronal structures and mechanisms in addiction.

Visual MD Illustrations

A selection of illustrations created for the Visual MD.

Metastatic bone pain

Conceptual artwork, storyboard panels, and animation.

Cell Line

Thought experiments in immunology and game theory.

Traditional media

A selection of graphite, watercolour, and pen & ink drawings.

About me

As a scientific animator and illustrator, I've been immersed in the world of science education and publication for over a decade. I specialize in preproduction design including concept art, storyboarding, and user-centric design. Most recently, you'll notice me working with Digizyme Inc., and instructing at Clarafi.com.


On this site, you'll see a variety of my works from the past several years, including print and electronic publications, and works for museums and other venues. When I'm not biomedically communicating, I tend to go on food excursions and dabble in culinary graphics.


If you'd like to hear more or connect, please contact me through one of the methods below. Thanks for visiting!